How to Choose the Right Grout Colour!

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When you’re renovating your Adelaide house, tiles often play an essential part of the floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other places you want it to be. Just as tiles affect the look of your home, so will grout. Grout is a material that’s used to fill the space between tiles. Yes, grout is what’s between the tiles you’re looking at right now.

Choosing the right grout colour is very important because it affects the overall look of your home. The wrong grout colour will either dim the beauty of your tiles or cause you serious problems. Continue reading to find out how you can choose the right colour.


When you’re choosing the colour of your tiles, you should look at the colour you want your grout to be too. The wrong grout colour could either overwhelm or underwhelm the colour of your tiles. For example, if you choose black grout to go along with your black tiles, your tiles will blend into the background. When you want the beauty of your tiles to shine, you won’t want it to blend into the background. 

So when you’re choosing tiles, choose a colour of grout that will complement your tiles. For example, choosing white grout with black tiles for your Adelaide kitchen will make it pop. At Aurees Tiles, we offer an extensive range of tiles for your floor, kitchen, bathroom, verandah, etc.

Clean Tiles in Adelaide!

When choosing the colour of the grout, you have to consider how frequently you want to be cleaning it. White grout will require more maintenance than black or blue grout, so you will spend a lot of time cleaning it. Lightly coloured grout will also make your tiles look dirty once they get dirty, so you have to consider where you want to put it.  And this brings us to our last tip on how to choose the right grout colour.


The colour of grout you’ll get will also depend on where the tile is. For your bathroom tiles, you will want to get a grout colour that won’t get dirty quickly. If your bathroom grout gets dirty easily, it will make your bathroom get dirty by default. Your kitchen tiles will also need to be a colour that won’t need a lot of maintenance, as kitchens can get very messy. However, when you’re getting grout for the verandah tiles of your Adelaide home, you’ll want a bright colour. The bright colour will make your Adelaide home stand out.

Choosing the right tile colour and grout colour can be a bit hard, and that’s where we, Aurees Tiles, step in. We offer tiles in a wide range of designs and colours, and we will use our expertise to give you the right grout colour.

Contact us, so we can get you started on getting the tiles befitting of your Adelaide home.