How to Care for Your Bathroom Tiles Adelaide!

Tiles Adelaide - How to Care for Your Bathroom Tiles

When not appropriately cleaned, bathroom tiles can become one of the yuckiest parts of a home. In fact, in Adelaide, bathroom tiles are so notorious that cleaning bathrooms are commonly perceived as the most challenging part of any cleaning routine.

Thankfully, there are some daily steps you can take to make the upkeep of your bathroom tiling easy and quick.

Today we will share our best tips to get your Adelaide bathroom tiles sparkling clean in no time!

Cleaning Your Adelaide Bathroom Tiles

Not only are grimy tiles unsanitary and disgusting, but they are also more prone to damage. By properly cleaning your Adelaide home’s tiles, you can boost hygiene and protect the longevity of your tiling.

So, how should you approach your bathroom tile maintenance? Here is some advice to keep in mind:

Clean by Taking Daily Action

Tackling a full bathroom deep clean is a daunting task. However, if you commit to cleaning up your toilet daily, this is hardly necessary. By working a little bit at a time, you will keep your tiles clean without stressing out.

Use Shower Steam to Your Advantage

Did you know that heat could open up the pores in your bathroom tiles and simplify cleaning? To improve your cleaning results, we recommend you set your shower to the hottest setting and let your tiles steam. After a few minutes pass, your Adelaide bathroom tile surfaces will be in prime condition for scrubbing.

Take Time to Scrub Your Tile Grout

Even if your actual tiles look immaculate, dirty grout can make your entire bathroom look yucky. This is why it is crucial to dedicate time to stripping all dirt out of your Adelaide tile grout.

To get the grime out of grout lines, are we recommend you use your favourite cleaner and an old toothbrush. Once a month, use these two tools and scrub away! Trust us; you will be glad you did.

Wipe Tiles Using a Microfiber and Tile Cleaner Combo

Finally, when it comes to the actual surface of your tiles, we find that simple works best. A gentle DIY cleaner made with water vinegar, and baking soda is both easy to make and safe to use. 

Just spray the concoction to your tiles and wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber protects your tiles from scratching while effectively removing any dirt and debris.

Doing this several times a week is sufficient to keep your tiles shiny and build-up free.

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