Tiles Durable Enough For Busy Kitchens!

Kitchen Tiles Adelaide | Tiles Durable Enough For Busy Kitchens!

If you run a business or cook at home, it’s safe to say your kitchen gets a lot of action. Food stains, dropping tools and equipment, heat, and moisture will affect the tiles in your Adelaide kitchen.

Using just any type of tile, you’ll notice chips and permanent stains in less than a year. You want tiles that match your intense work in your kitchen. So, consider tiles that are durable, like ceramic tiles.

Durable tiles are easy to maintain and clean. The kitchen tiles you need in your Adelaide kitchen are:


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable tiles you can get in your Adelaide kitchen. In busy kitchens, you can expect a lot of falling pots, bowls, and kitchen equipment.

Chips and dents are unavoidable, so the tiling option you choose has to be able to mask them. Due to their heaviness, porcelain tiles hide damage very well. So, with them, your kitchen tiles will still look new months later.

But what about kitchen stains? You don’t have to spend hours cleaning your floor. Or bother looking for highly concentrated cleaning solutions. They’re easy to clean, and they don’t leave stains. But their durability doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. They also come in beautiful designs.


Natural Stone Tiles

Whether marble, slate, or gravel, stone tiles perform well in busy kitchens. The first thing that stands out is how unique they are.

No stone tile is the same; you can’t replicate their patterns. However, the aesthetic benefits of stone tiles, such as marble, will make your kitchen pop. However, you’re more focused on how they can serve you, not just their beauty.

They’re durable and will serve you for a long time. But they require more maintenance than porcelain tiles. To maintain your stone tiles, you’ll need cleaning solutions made explicitly. You’ll fall in love with Aurees Tiles’ natural stone collection.


Vinyl Tiles

What makes vinyl tiles so popular in Adelaide is how affordable they are. If your kitchen is big, using them as flooring would hardly make a dent.

You get more than your money’s worth with vinyl tiles because they have many benefits. They don’t keep scratches or marks, which keeps them pristine for a long time.

On the other hand, they’re easy to clean; sweeping and cleaning them with a soap solution will suffice. If you’re not too focused on beauty, you’d love these since they come in various designs, but you’ll have more options with the other tiles.


Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are similar to porcelain tiles. They go through the same production process, but with some minor differences. Ceramic tiles are more pocket-friendly than their porcelain counterparts and come in more designs.

However, they come in such a wide array of designs that choosing an option will be a chore. They are water-resistant, making them perfect for your kitchen because of all the spilled fluids. They’re also durable, but not as durable as porcelain tiles.

The kitchen tiling option you go for depends on your budget, needs, and preferences. Making a choice is more accessible with Aurees Tiles. Message us; let’s help you select the best.