Tiles for a Modern-Day Bathroom!

Modern Bathroom Tiles

Whether you realize it or not, we all spend a large portion of our lives in the bathroom. Our daily routines are forever tied to our home bathroom facilities, so it makes sense to try to make this space as comfortable and appealing as possible. What’s best is that drastically updating and improving the look of your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. You can have a modern Adelaide bathroom by simply updating your tiles. In this post, Aurees Tiles will be sharing some tile suggestions to accomplish this.

Matte Finish 

Forget about the high gloss. If your current bathroom design involves glossy tiles, trading them out for an option with a matte finish is an excellent way to achieve a more modern look. Not only are matte tiles super trendy, but they are also lower maintenance. Due to their low shine, watermarks, dust, and debris are less apparent on the surface. As a result, you can create a polished clean look without having to invest as much time into a cleaning routine.

White Stones

Picture stepping into a roomy, elegant bathroom. Chances are you picture a room full of light and white marble. White stones are sophisticated and timeless while also trendy and modern at the same time. White tiles with a marble vein pattern are a great choice if you are looking to modernize your bathroom without risking your tiles looking dated later on. In comparison with real marble, marble look-alike tiling is more affordable, easier to clean and maintain, and just as beautiful.

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are certainly not for everyone, and when overused, they can make a space feel saturated. Yet, when used strategically, textured tiles have the power to significantly uplift the look of your bathroom. Textured tiles are ideal for making a style statement in a vanity or sink area. Tiles mimicking the natural textures of stone or wood can also be used to create a statement wall within a shower. 

Subway Tile

Subway tile has been around for some time now, and truth be told, people can’t get enough of it. There’s a good reason why the subway tile has remained an interior design favourite for such a long time now. This tile pattern is clean, polished, modern, and stylish. It can also quickly adapt to many different surfaces, perfectly blending into small and large spaces alike. All-white subway tiles are used the most, but different colours can be used depending on your preference.


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