Bathroom Tiles that Will Make Your Space Look Bigger

In most houses, the bathroom is where residents take a bath or wash up. If it’s going to serve its purpose, it needs to be big enough to accommodate a person and must come equipped with a shower, bathtub, and sink. With all of these components, the room will appear claustrophobic. This is why choosing suitable tiles is essential to avoid making small bathrooms feel even smaller.

However, some buildings only afford limited space for this purpose. But can you make these spaces look more extensive and convenient without increasing size?

Typical bathroom floors and walls are often covered with tiles because they are waterproof, nonporous, and can withstand moisture and chemical discharges from soaps. They are also preferred because they can significantly contribute to your bathroom design.

Your bathroom tiles can make your bathroom look more significant or compact, depending on what you want. Some tiles are designed to help make your small bathroom space look bigger and improve its quality and elegance.

Yes! You can achieve this by patronizing trusted suppliers for Adelaide’s best-quality bathroom tiles. This article will explain how your choice of tiles can improve your bathroom and how some tiles can make your bath space look bigger.


Can tiles make your bathroom space bigger?

Small-spaced houses are becoming very popular today, and the rooms are often made smaller to fit in. But unfortunately, while you can declutter bedrooms and install wardrobes to increase space, there’s only precious little you can do for bathrooms.

Well, it has been rumored that you can use tiles to increase your bathroom space; perhaps there is some truth in it.

Contrary to popular opinion, installing tiles on the floor and walls of your bathroom will not increase its area by an inch. However, it can remove that serried feeling by making your bathroom appear more spacious.

At least you won’t feel suffocated whenever you need to bathe.


Which tiles can help increase space in your bathroom?

Larger tiles can make a room appear bigger, while the reverse is the case with smaller tiles. Here are some other tips to increase your bathroom space with tiles.


  • Use Plain Tiles 

You may be tempted to install patterned tiles in your bathroom for design, which is good if you have sufficient space. However, patterned tiles may not be ideal for small spaces as they can make them appear more compact.

Instead, you can use plain tiles for the bathroom floor and walls to make them appear more spacious.


  • Cross-Install Floor Tiles 

Another very effective way to maximize floor space is by installing tiles diagonally. This way, measuring the length against the width would be pretty tricky. This diamond pattern can make the tiles look more prominent, which is the basis for making your bathroom appear more prominent.


  • Use Light-coloured Tiles 

Similar to how bright colors may make a room seem larger, so can light-colored tiles. Because of this, architects and interior designers typically opt for lighter tiles for small bathrooms to create the illusion of more space.



Are you uncomfortable with your small bathroom space and want it to feel more significant? Well, you don’t have to reconstruct to get this feeling. The tips above can help your bathroom appear bigger by adding suitable tiles.

The best tiles for small bathrooms can be found and installed with the help of a professional. In Adelaide, Aurees Tiles is, without a doubt, the top choice.