The Colours of Tiles That Are Making a Breakthrough for 2020!

Lately, tiles are gaining popularity in the world of interior design. Tiles are available in a practically infinite range of colours and are the perfect way to upgrade your Adelaide home.

Tiles don’t have to be boring or be confined to bathrooms and kitchens. With their many shapes, textures, sizes, and colours, you can create a design to suit nearly any space.

If you plan to remodel any room in your Adelaide home, keep tiles in mind. Not only are they so easy to clean and install, but they can completely transform any home. You can use tiles to bring your home decor vision to life.

Get rid of all your outdated finishes using tiles. New, well-crafted tiling can bring all the most modern design trends into your home quickly and easily!

Tile Colours You Should Consider for Your 2020 Adelaide Home Projects!


Dusty Matte Shades

Start thinking matte if you want tile colour ideas for your next Adelaide home improvement project! While glossy tiles might have been the status quo some decades ago, this is no longer true. The trendiest designs nowadays involve dusty matte colours. Ultra-modern homes and apartments can benefit from crisp matte shades like black, white, and grey. Yet, any style is possible. Matte pastels are also a trendy choice to achieve a softer look.



All white, all black, even all pastel—you name it! Monochrome is becoming extremely popular in interior design. Why? Lately, we’ve been seeing minimalism everywhere. From lifestyle to wardrobes, our homes are no exception. Single-colour tiles coating walls, flooring, and other surfaces create a simple, clean, and sophisticated look. The best part about this tile colour trend is that it is so simple that it can be applied to nearly any room in your Adelaide home.



Grey is all the rage in 2019 and will continue to rock the interior design scene in 2020. All tones, specifically concrete grey, are great to modernise any space! You can use concrete grey tiles to create a statement wall, update your flooring, or renew your kitchen countertops.



2020 is the perfect year to bring organic elements into your Adelaide home. A great way to do so is by using stone-coloured tiles. Tiles with stone designs realistically mimic many different stones and minerals, giving your home a natural and sophisticated look. These are perfect options for your floors, countertops, and bathrooms!


Update Your Adelaide Home in 2020 with Aurees Tiles

At Auree’s Tiles, we have an enormous selection of wall, floor, kitchen, and bathroom styles in all the latest design trends! With more than 100 tile varieties available, there’s no better tile shop for your 2020 Adelaide renovation. Let our experts help you choose the best tiles and colours for your Adelaide home. Contact us today at (08) 8359 5933 or enquire online.