How to Select This Season’s Tiles for Your Bathroom in Adelaide

Keep up with all the reigning tiles this season in Adelaide, even in your bathroom! Spice up your bathroom with stylish tiles; it doesn’t have to look dull. It’s necessary to have some things in mind before selecting the suitable tiles for your bathroom.

Since the bathroom gets a lot of foot traffic and exposure to water, you can’t just choose anything. But do not worry; you’re in the right place. Here are some tips for selecting tiles for your bathroom in Adelaide.


Does it match your bathroom’s design?

You don’t want to have a color riot in your bathroom. Your bathroom already has a design, whether muted chiefly colors or a colorful design scheme. So before you go for this season’s tiles, check out if your tiles will complement the walls and any other furniture in your bathroom.

You spend a lot of your time in your bathroom, so it’s only fitting that the tiles are just as attractive as the rest of the room. An added plus is that it’ll look lovely in any future mirror selfies you take.


Easy to Clean

This should have been the first point, but design precedes it because you see something before you use it. Before buying your next set of bathroom tiles, you should research how easy they are to clean. You can’t maintain the beauty of your kitchen tiles if they get dirty quickly and are hard to clean.

If a simple cleaning solution can’t clean the bathroom tiles you want, don’t go for it. Unless you can afford to get professional cleaning help for your tiles, you should typically be able to get away with cleaning your tiles every two days.



Is the bathroom tile water-resistant? You’d be surprised at how many tiles are only used for their aesthetic appeal and not their functionality. Many waterworks happen in the bathroom, which tends to spoil regular tiles. So, before you select this season’s tiles, ask for the water-resistant tiles.

You’ll need a dense tile that doesn’t absorb water too much. When water gets under your tiles, as with non-water-resistant tiles, they will come off because the adhesive has dissolved. The last thing you want is a loose tile in your bathroom; it’s just an accident waiting to happen.



How slippery does the tile get when wet? Being water-resistant is different from the state of the tile when it’s wet. Some tiles get so slick when wet. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to fall. You won’t always have a dry towel nearby, so you can’t afford to use slippery bathroom tiles.

Your bathroom is wet primarily rather than dry, so look out for this critical point.

Have issues selecting this season’s tiles that fit your design needs and functionality? Aurees Tiles can help you with that. We’ll give you professional advice on whatever tiles you want when you buy from us. High quality and excellent customer service are what you get from us.

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