Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles!

Tiles Adelaide | Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles!

Easy maintenance is one of the most essential qualities homeowners should look for in design materials. This is partly the reason why tiles have become an Adelaide home decor staple in current times. Not only are they a versatile, good-looking material, but they are also effortless to maintain!

When it comes to cleaning tiles, a little effort goes a long way. In fact, many are surprised about just how easy keeping your tiles pristine and shiny really is! 

If you want to keep your tiles looking as good as day one, listen up!

Here are the best tips for keeping your Adelaide home’s tiles sparkling clean:

Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas

The primary source of dirt and grime within your Adelaide home is, unsurprisingly, you! The more you use an area, the dirtier it tends to get.

From footprints to food residue, hair, and debris, our daily living contributes significantly to getting your home dirty. This is especially true in kitchens and bathrooms, areas that frequently incorporate tiles.

Make sure you pay extra attention to tiled rooms with the most use. These will require frequent wiping and more in-depth cleaning.

Rinse your tiles after using a cleaner

Many people choose to clean their Adelaide tiles using specific cleaning products. However, these products can also build up on your tiles. Over time, this buildup forms a layer that can reduce tile shine and dull their colour. You must consider this when you clean your tiles. Always make sure to rinse tiles with water after applying the product. Finish your cleaning session by drying the tiles properly.

Vacuum or dust away debris

When debris and dirt are continually rubbing over your tiles, they can create tiny scratches. As your tiles get damaged, the look of your Adelaide home’s tiled surfaces suffer. Plus, these micro scratches become the perfect spot for dirt to hide and bacteria to grow. Over time, bad smells and grime impregnate your tiles and become very hard to eliminate.

Don’t forget about your grout

Grout, those tiny spaces between your tiles, have a significant impact over the look of tiling. They are also the first spots to get dirty and the harder ones to clean. The best approach you can take is prevention. You should frequently clean grout before things get ugly. Otherwise, you might have to work twice as hard to bring your grout back to life. 

One of the reasons why grout tends to get so dirty is due to its porous nature. In areas with frequent spills and heavy use like kitchens and bathrooms, getting grout sealed might be your best bet.

Need some more information on tile care?

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