Top Tips for Reducing Streaks When Cleaning Your Floor Tiles

Streaks are the main issue when cleaning floor tiles in Adelaide. Cleaning tiles and dealing with dirty patches is one of the most annoying things that can happen. Because it seems like no matter how much you clean, there will be muddy patches, and there’s seemingly no solution.

One thing you need to know, however, is that there will always be streaks; all you can do is reduce how visible they are. There’s no permanent solution to stains unless you want to spend all day cleaning the same area of your Adelaide home.

You can significantly reduce streaks on your floor tiles when cleaning them by:

Make Sure the Floor Tiles in Your Adelaide is Clean

One of the leading causes of streaks is dirty floors. Dirt gets in the way of spotless floor tiles.

When you’re mopping your floor tiles, you need to ensure it’s free of dirt. When your tiles are dirty before you clean them, the mop will mostly pack up the grime without cleaning the floors. 

Get a brush and sweep up all the dirt on the floors. You don’t want your mop to snag crumbs, bottles, hairs etc., while you’re mopping. 

Clean Mop

Make sure every mop you use in your Adelaide home is clean. Dirty mops don’t do anything but add more dirt to your already dirty floor tiles. Sometimes, they even aggravate the whole situation by making the floor dirtier than it originally was.

If you see that you keep getting streaky lines whenever you’re mopping- let’s say- the kitchen, then your mop is undoubtedly dirty. 

You can avoid this by ensuring you clean your mop with a powerful cleaning solution or detergent before usage. And don’t just do a simple wash or rinse either; put some elbow grease in it and aggressively wash the mop bristles. 

A test to know your mop is clean is to swish it around in soapy water. If you bring the mop out and the water is clean, then you’re good to get mopping. However, dirty soapy water means your mop still needs more cleaning.

Strong Cleaning Solution

A weak or unsuitable cleaning solution is another reason you may have streaks when cleaning your floor tiles. When the soap you’re using is not good with whatever floor tiles you’re cleaning it with, it’ll continue pushing the dirt that’s on the floor around.

You could solve this by getting a better cleaning solution for your floor tiles or sprucing them up with these different solutions. Add vinegar to any cleaning solution you use to clean your tiles for extra acidity.

The acidic content in vinegar gives it the ability to clear grease, oil and most types of stains found on floor tiles.

Try out these tips, and you’re guaranteed to get fewer streaks when you’re cleaning your floors. One reason why you may get grease is if your tiles are hard to clean. And in that case, you may need to change your tiles.

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