Verandah Tiles… A Pattern That Is a Blast From the Past

This style is not new to the tiling scene. On the contrary, verandah tiles have always been an iconic component of Australian heritage architecture. It was a signature design element in Colonial, Victorian, and Federation homes.


Your imagination is limited to the designs and patterns of these tiles. Choose the style that suits your home’s design. In all cases, it will make a stunning impression in any room.


If you are ready for this one-of-a-kind style, here is all you need to know about verandah tiles:


What are verandah tiles?


Verandah tiles’ refer to a pattern or style formed by various components. First, there are the main pattern tiles. Then, choosing tiles for the border that frames the design would be best. The last part of it is the filler. It will act as a buffer between the tile border and the rest of the space.


You can use different shapes, sizes, and colours. First, make sure it suits your home’s style. It is not limited to heritage designs. Instead, you can select simple ones to complement contemporary designs.


Are they all the same?


No, the sizes, shapes, materials, and colours you choose will affect the appearance and performance of your tiles. Porcelain is considered one of the best materials for verandah tiles. It makes the tiles durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. So, you can use porcelain for the floors of high-traffic areas.


How to Use Verandah Tiles


You can choose it for any space inside or outside your house. Outdoor and verandah tiles are trendy for pathways and pool areas.


You can use it indoors to make a bold statement in the entrance, bathroom, or fireplace. It is also a fantastic option for kitchen floors.


Whether you have a heritage home or love contemporary designs, this tile suits all styles. You must choose the correct pattern and colours for your tiles. This will help you create a harmonious look with the rest of your home’s decorations.


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