The Way Tiles Can Transform Your Adelaide Home

Tiles have been around for ages, decorating and improving homes everywhere. Despite their long history, tiles are far from outdated. With an endless variety of shapes, designs and colours, you can incorporate tiling into nearly everything. It is the reason why tiling is so classic and a staple in so many homes. To this date, many of decoration and interior design trends and projects incorporate tiles.

No matter the style, surface, or room, tiles can work for you. The options are truly endless. With just a little touch of creativity, you can completely transform your Adelaide home for the best by using tiles. Here are some beautiful ways you can use tiles in your home:

Take Your Walls to the Next Level

From sleek shiny modern finishes, to statement walls or artsy designs, tiles can adapt to everything. Large solid tiles with stone or marble like designs can create a luxurious one of a kind look. If you are going for the bohemian look, however, smaller tiles with carefully painted designs are the way to go.

You can even use tiling instead of paint for coloured walls. It is a brilliant move for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. That way, any art masterpiece your child decides to plaster on the walls can be wiped away in a quick flash.

Using different colours of tile can help you create custom patterns on your wall for the ultimate statement on a living or entertaining room. The only real limit is your imagination.

Explore New Shapes in Your Design Concept

While once, tiles seemed t only exist in square shapes, that is no longer the case. Today tiles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. More modern configurations such as hexagons and arrangements such as herringbone and zigzags have been all the rage. By switching up, your simple bathroom tiling could become the ultimate style piece.

Go for the All-White Look

Design concepts such as the Scandinavian and minimalist look have brought cleaner, simpler surfaces to our attention. If you are feeling like updating your home for a more modern look, all white tiling with sleek lines, in squares or rectangle shapes could help you bring in these concepts into your home. All white tiling looks clean, open and invites light into your home. It’s no wonder that lately, these type of tiling has been popping up everywhere from kitchen splashbacks to bathrooms and floors.

Consider Using Tiling for Your Home Entrance

The first few feet into your home are the ones that accumulate the most dirt. With your front door continually opening, it’s easy for dirt and dust to creep in. Paint and hardwood floors around this area can suffer the effects significantly. On the other hand, by incorporating tiling on your walls and flooring in this area, you can create a stylish look that is easily cleaned with a quick wipe or mop down.

It doesn’t matter what area you are going to renovate or what style you are looking to replicate; tiles can help you get there!