What Makes a Great Floor Tile?

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Your home’s flooring can make or break the aesthetic of your interior design. When it comes to choosing a ceramic or porcelain flooring option for your home, there are a few things to consider. Below we have included some tips and advice that you should take into consideration when picking the perfect flooring solution for you.

Floor Colour

You want to aim to coordinate your flooring with the entire room, not just your wall colour. Think about things such as cupboards and furnishings in the room that may have accent colours as these things will all come into play when picking out your flooring colour.

As both ceramic and porcelain flooring is durable, you can rest assured it will be around for years to come. Meaning that the flooring choice you make now could potentially be in your home as long as you are, so we suggest you choose a natural colour. Think about the amount of natural light coming through your room as that may determine whether your floors need to reflect the light to make your space feel larger or if a darker coloured tile is better suited.

Keep the finish in mind. Colours such as glossy blacks often show dirt more so than that of a lighter tone.


Pattern and Size

Your tiles can adhere to the floor in a variety of ways, such as standard fixing or brick bonded and staggered. Anything is possible when it comes to patterns. Depending on your choice there can be a variety of sizes and may have a modular pattern to follow in each square meter. Your floor tile size determines how many grout lines are shown in the flooring. Fewer grout lines can create an illusion of more space, which is great for rooms that are on the small side.


Ceramic or Porcelain

Porcelain tends to be a stronger material because of its density. Because of this, porcelain is the preferred choice when it comes to outdoor spaces as they will not soak up water which can freeze and crack.

However, taking into consideration, the amount of traffic the flooring is exposed to does determine if you need porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic options come with a grading establishing if they are better suited for commercial or domestic use. If you were tiling the floor of a shopping mall, then porcelain would be best suited because of the high volume of foot traffic. However, if you were tiling a residential kitchen, ceramic would be suitable.

It’s always worth checking which type is best suited to your needs as it can save you headaches further down the track.

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