Signs Your Home Needs New Tiles!

The tiles in your home set the tone for how your Adelaide home looks. One mistake you shouldn’t make is keeping your tiles longer than you’re supposed to. So, why replace tiles? While most times it’s pretty obvious when your tiles need changing, it’s possible to miss the signs.

If you’re open to changing the tiles of your Adelaide home, this is for you. 

Here are some easy to spot signs your home needs new tiles, along with why you shouldn’t neglect them.

Tile Cracks

It goes without saying that if your home tiles are cracked, you’ll have to change them. There are a lot of hazards that come with tiles that are broken. Cracked tiles have sharp edges and can injure you and your family. You definitely don’t want to be sliced by tiles.

There’s also a very high possibility of you tripping on your cracked tiles. Your slippers could get caught on the crack, and you’ll trip and injure yourself. You can’t manage cracked tiles because it would cost you a lot of money in the long run. Not to speak of the sight that cracked tiles are an ugly sight. And you don’t want visitors to see your cracked tiles.

Prone to Get Dirty Quickly and Retain Stains

While it may look like it’s normal for your tiles to get dirty, it’s not meant to retain the stains. You should be able to clean your tiles easily with a wet rag or soapy water. However, if you have to go the extra mile to clean a simple stain, it’s either:

  • You’re using the tiles in the wrong place. For example, you’re using tiles that absorb stains, such as marble tiles, in the kitchen or bathroom. You should also use tiles that are stain-resistant in your kitchen and bathroom. Or
  • Your tiles are weak and worn out. This mostly happens when the tiles in your home are fake, however.
  • However, you’ll never have this case with us, because Aurees Tiles only sells original tiles from popular and trusted brands. 

Dirty Grout

Grouts are the spaces between your tiles. After installing your tiles, the grout will be white. However, once your tiles have gone through heavy foot traffic and stains, your grout will be dirty. Grout isn’t easy to clean like tiles, and a poor grouting job is more prone to stains.

Your tile’s grout will affect how your tiles look, so it’s crucial. 

When you purchase tiles from Aurees Tiles, you won’t have any issue. Our tiles last long and are original. You’ll never have to ask yourself the question “why replace tiles?” again!

If you’d like more information about our tiling options, contact us.