Will Tiles Last Longer than Other Flooring Types?

Tiles in Adelaide

How long will tiles last? Porcelain and ceramic tiles have evolved significantly over the years. Now known for their durability and low maintenance, tiles have not always been known as the modern flooring option they are today


We have combined a few points surrounding the durability and benefits of choosing tiles as a flooring option for your home.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Innovative technology makes it possible for tiles to resemble realistic reproductions of other surface materials such as wood, granite, and slate.


Tiles can mimic the appearance of other flooring options and textures. With tiles ‘ durability and maintenance benefits, you can have a flooring option that can evolve at the same speed as the latest design trends.


Durability with Modern Form

Tiles from historic empires to modern mansions have been used because of their unbeatable strength and versatility. To this day, tiles remain the longest-lasting flooring option available. Compared to laminate flooring and vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles can last up to five times longer.


Modern World Convenience

In a world where time efficiency is more important than ever, nobody wants to spend countless hours keeping their flooring clean. The flooring materials of today need to accommodate this much-desired efficiency rather than hinder it.


This separates tiles from other flooring materials, making them the ultimate modern flooring option. At Aurees Tiles in Adelaide, you are presented with limitless possibilities and the convenience we crave.


Unlike other options, porcelain flooring gives your home a flat, hard surface that will not absorb liquids or other substances. This means that not only will your floor maintenance be minimal, but your floors will last longer and not require replacement for years to come, saving you time and money.


The Flooring of The Future

As flooring trends are continually changing, there is one that has and will always remain one of the most trusted solutions. Design versatility will only continue to develop as technology continues to advance. This means that porcelain tiles will always stay a modern flooring option, regardless of what you throw at them.


Are you ready to take advantage of tiles’ durability and convenience but unsure where to start? Come and visit us at Aurees Tiles in Adelaide today! Our expert staff can walk you through every option and help you create a flooring design that enhances your home and keeps your maintenance low.